fujifilm xt2

  1. nerwin

    Milky Way - First attempt with the XT2

    I stepped outside before heading to bed and noticed how clear the sky was. I ran inside, grabbed the camera and tripod. I haven't done any milky way shots with the XT2 yet. I was surprised how well it actually handled it, if I had a faster lens like the XF16mm 1.4, I could've got better shots...
  2. nerwin

    Hot Sun

    When the sun sets, you don't always have to take the typical landscape sunset shot. You can always look for reflections. In my case, I saw the warm glow reflecting from my door and took a shot of it at its strongest and it quickly faded away. I know, it may not be the most interesting but I...
  3. nerwin

    One Mean Camaro

    I sat on this photo for a LONG time. I took it at a car show and there was a lot of background distractions and I didn't know what to do. After forgetting about it for a while, I came back to it and did this. Fujifilm XT2 + 18-55 @ 18mm 1/800th, f/2.8, ISO 250 I'm really happy with it...
  4. nerwin

    Wild, Wild Violet

    I searched for a while trying to find the perfect one. There are thousands of these wild violet flowers all over my lawn. I managed to find this one that was almost all alone and had a clean background. It's kind of simple and clean shot which is what I was going for. Fuji XT2 + 60 2.4...
  5. nerwin

    A quiet spring evening

    I don't typically bring my camera with me when I walk on this path because I mainly do it for exercise (I usually run it) but since I already went for a run earlier in the day I decided I'd just take a nice evening stroll and brought my camera along. Didn't take too many pictures but I ended up...
  6. nerwin

    I actually got up for the sunrise!

    I just happened to wake up and saw the really red/magenta color reflecting off the wall and I immediately jumped out of the bed, grabbed my camera and swapped lenses in the dark and ran outside and took this shot. Seconds after, it was gone. A couple hours later, this photo was used on TV for...
  7. nerwin

    My fortress of solitude

    I haven't shared a photo on the forum in the while. Thought I'd share this one today. Taking not too far from where I live and originally was going to shoot this in the early morning but I ran into some tasks that took much, much longer than expected but by later afternoon it kind of worked out...