1. alexwa

    What is a good lens focal length for photographing large furniture?

    Hi. I'm interested in photographing furniture that I've built and I'm wondering what kind(s) of lenses would be best to shoot items like the images in the link below. I have a Panasonic GH4 and a 20mm 1.7 lens but I'm wondering if this will be a good fit? Is there a particular lens length that...
  2. alexwa

    What kind of lighting / diffusers would be good for furniture like this?

    Hi. I make furniture and want to get a little more serious about photographing & selling it. I have a Panasonic GH4 and a 20 mm F/1.7 lens and a tripod. Does anyone have any lighting / lens / equipment recommendations for me? I'll attach a picture of a wooden stool I made and another couple of...
  3. M

    Woodworking - Photographing Furniture and Interiors

    Hello all, I'm brand new to the page so forgive any naiveté. I own a small woodworking business in Broomfield, Colorado and I am hoping to bring the business to the next level through proper representation on social media. My photos thus far have been taken via smart phone and it is becoming...