1. P

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ Pictures & Videos, Comments Welcome!

    I've recently started dipping my toes into the world of simple smartphone photography and videography, been using some different styles and techniques in my recent trip to Okinawa Japan. Glad to share some of my trials and errors in this thread for your comments to improve my skills for the...
  2. Haru

    Affordable Wide Angle lense for a Canon

    Hello! I need some wise advice.. I am currently using a full frame Canon. I would like to start shooting milky way and just starry sky in general and to fit in as much of it as possible. I also have quite small budget.. with that I mean that I would like to use this lense for landscape...
  3. joshuatdlr

    Shooting the Stars

    I've been practicing shooting the stars, but they don't turn out as good as I wish they would. Any tips on how to do better long exposures? I shoot on a crop sensor if that has any impact on my results. I would eventually like to do time lapses of the galaxy.
  4. nerwin

    Midnight Milky Way

    I've been struggling with my photography lately, like not being inspired to shoot and last night when I was looking at the sky before I go to bed, I noticed how super clear it was and decided to stay up a little longer to capture this. I know it isn't perfect, but each time I do it, the better...
  5. KalitheArtist

    Galaxy S7 Pro Mode

    I just got the galaxy s7, (not the edge), and I have got to say it is absolutely fabulous to have! It's got a pro mode where you can set the white balance, the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed! It's got effects as well. Matrix, center-weighted, or spot metering! Multi-AF or center. I am in love...