1. Emotional Phases.jpg

    Emotional Phases.jpg

    A Girl leaning her head to one side while looking at the camera
  2. Beyond These Eyes (Bree) by Myron Edwards.jpg

    Beyond These Eyes (Bree) by Myron Edwards.jpg

    A Close Up Portrait of a Young Woman In The Studio Underneath A one light setup posing while looking at camera
  3. rakicko

    Cute moment

    Portrait of a cute girl smiling by Creative Vision, on Flickr
  4. MariHarris

    Charme En Soie

    New shot! Please let me know what you think. :1247:
  5. MariHarris

    Skater Girl

    Hello All, My first post! :1247: ~XOXO Mari
  6. Lucienel

    Hello from Hamburg!

    Hello everyone! I'm Lucie and I'm new here. I would like to introduce myself and my work. I like mainly nude and documentary photography, sometimes I experiment with autoportraits (the attached photo is a selfie). You can use these links to see more photos of mine. If you decide to follow me or...
  7. Krueger

    A simplistic headshot

    Any thoughts?
  8. Ksimon

    : ) Caught I got you!

    Why they are together when i am alone! : ( Sad in 5s P/s: This photo was taken by my handheld camera so the quality is not good.
  9. MrPants

    Book Nook

    Hangin' out at home with the lady Raw (actually, don't even remember what film I used) raw by Herbert Quick, on Flickr
  10. HoangDuy


    Silk - Alessandro Baricco is one of my favourite book. I was in love with a Japanese women in that book. With no Asia eyes. Hope you like it.