1. pez


    Some GoPro Hero8 footage while throwing one of my rangs yesterday morning. I made this boom 34 years ago, haha. Used to be way into it then, and have started back. Hey, it's a great social distancing sport, because people tend to avoid you when you're launching missiles. I held the GoPro in my...
  2. behindslr

    Street life of the Slavonski Brod

    Hello this day i have lot of time to take pic and travel,this is some of pic taken at my hometown street. There is to much to write and show. My story about street life
  3. Tailgunner

    Ice Racing (Nikon D800)

    I don't usually record videos with my DSLR, so be gentle. Anyhow, I was checking out the local Colorado ice races on a frozen lake and the distance was a bit much for my gopros. So I switched from still shots to recording video with my D800 w/24-120 F4. This was shot free hand, so there is...
  4. Tailgunner

    Back-Bone Ribcage (Modified) Gopro Hero 5

    Modified Gopro Hero 5 using Back Bone's Ribcage kit! This kit enables you to install virtually any lens you want on the Gopro...including Nikon and Canon glass using adaptors.
  5. Tailgunner

    Colorado Winter drive Gopro 4 Black 4K

    This sub-forum seems a stagnate, so I figured I would post some stuff. I'm in the process of switching out my Gopro 4's for Gopro 5's...including a modified 5. In the mean time I figured I would post up a video I shot in Boulder Colorado driving up Flagstaff mountain and ending at Boulder's...
  6. D-B-J

    GoPro Footage from Stellwagen Bank Fish Collection!

    Don't forget to watch in HD! I know this is a photo forum... but I also do video sometimes :) Cheers! Jake
  7. Everglades1


    Up for sale is a buyers remorse lol. We bought this GoPro from Best Buy thinking it would take nice pics well it does but not in 4K like the videos. The videos are awesome 2.7k & 4k are just wow. We just had a newborn and thinking this cool technology with fish eye and everything would be...