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    Super quick & easy lighting set up

    Hello everyone! I’m a photographer who mostly focus on Concept Art, Fashion & Portraits. The studio is where I feel at home, I’ve decided to put my 6 years of studying and the knowledge that I’ve gained to put on YouTube. Here is a quick lighting set up ( for portraits ) that I did for a company.
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    First post - created a guide on the hobby of photography..

    Hey everyone! I wanted to say thanks for having me. I own a website about hobbies and projects and covered photography as one of my first articles. The artice can be found here: <Link Removed> Please visit and share if you like it, Thanks! Chrit
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    Lens initials guide

    Hello to all: I have just created a post in my website. You can download it as an image or in pdf. I hope you appreciate it. Kind regards.