1. Hollar94

    Editing Headshots Help

    Hello, I would say I am a few baby steps beyond beginner. I was offered to do our company headshots at my work and I accepted and it has been going really well. The pictures are coming out great and I am learning along the way. (I use a Canon EOS Rebel T7) I am struggling with quality after...
  2. C


    Hey all. I'm new here, so I thought I'd drop one of my headshots and invite your comments! Happy Friday! Shot with a 5D Mk iii 70-200 2.8mm and 3x AD200s in strips modifiers.
  3. T

    Photoshop Help!

    So I may have stumbled into a situation. And I desperately need someone to help me with some Photoshopping of photographs. If someone is happy to help PLEASE get back to me. I'm desperate for some assistance!!