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    A great white heron shot at considerable distance…what was that white speck atop the brownish hill…….captured thanks to the super zoom of the Nikon CoolPix P1000.
  2. G

    The Last 60 Seconds

    My wife and I were on an Audubon walk in S. California last week. The photo opportunities were completely ho hum normal. Nothing to get excited about. As we were approaching the car, there was a Great Blue Heron in the path. I focused on the bird, set my Nikon D7000 to track and just...
  3. thphoto

    my little bird collection

    This is a mix of older and current photos which I will extend irregularly. wagtail plumage care grey heron singing robin hunting heron
  4. Timppa

    Birds from around the world (+ extra heron !)

    Hello all! I would like to share the following with you; Last year me and my wife have been travelling around, and in the last few months I have been sorting out our pictures (still a serious work in progress...). But, I can say that I have finally completed to sort out all the bird pictures...
  5. JustBen

    Flasher (Great Blue Heron)

    Found that one yesterday. Wasn't ashamed at all... :1398: I was under the impression that heron's would eat turtles, but I guess I was wrong. Or those 2 turtles had no idea...
  6. quinte

    Great Blue Heron Last Weekend @ Local Pond

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