high iso

  1. Fujidave

    X-T3 Lets Talk High ISO

    So as some of you know, I shot a church gig at 3200-5000 and 12800 iso and all of the images looked the same to me. I am thinking the next time I go in to a church I am going to go over 12800 as I want to see how far I can take it. Like @SquarePeg I have Topaz Denoise if I have to use it...
  2. nerwin

    It's noisy and I don't care!

    That's right. This photo has tons of noise in it but for some reason I really liked it. Others don't and that's fine but I almost deleted it because I knew others woulden't like it but why should I care what others think if I like it? I just wanted to share it :D It's kind of abstract, I...
  3. F

    Nighttime proposal and High ISO

    Hi there. I am shooting a proposal for a family member, and have a question for anyone familiar with the Nikon D810 (or similar models). The proposal will be happening at night in a gazebo. The only light will be strings of white lights hung in the gazebo, and candles. I had a test run last...