Ruins of the diolkos

    This is in the Corinth canal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diolkos
  2. Smith Mining Exhibits Carbon County Museum.jpg

    Smith Mining Exhibits Carbon County Museum.jpg

    In 1943, an explosion in the Smith Mine ended lives of 74 miners, causing devastation to their families. To this day, it is the largest mining tragedy in Montana history. In recognition of significant numbers of the lost the museum has dedicated the entire basement into a mining legacy.
  3. D7K

    Medieval Sunsets...

    Another shot from the medieval St. Ioan Letni (St. John the Baptist) Church as we spent the evening waiting and watching the sunset... and shooting...obviously..
  4. D7K

    The Batak Massacre

    A few shots taken whilst we were travelling last weekend. The massacre in Batak was a brutal part of the April Uprising in Bulgaria in 1876. Following reaching a "Peace agreement" for the Turkish and Bashi-Bozouk to leave the town in peace on the condition that the town disarmed and following...
  5. X

    Help identifying camera

    Hi there, I recently got a vintage camera which has 'Matahari 35' in the top right. However I can't find mention of this brand anywhere and I'd really like to know the year/history around it. I've posted some pics below.... Thanks for any help you can provide! ALEX JACKSON has shared 1 photo...
  6. jjmcd123

    First Professional Commission (!)

    I was recently paid by a small film production company to do some principle photography for a location. I shot the photos with a film in mind so I tried to keep a balance of basic geographical shots and expressive camerawork. For any history buffs, the castle in question once belonged to an...