1. DSCF8080.jpg


    local bed & breakfast with ti's Christmas lights out (long exposure)
  2. ragdollpins

    In A Thicket

    I stopped very briefly to capture this picture. It is not much to do with the cars but more about the random area. It might look familiar to anyone. As a matter of fact, it's very close to home. I offset all the color to make more room for over saturation. It's important that I catch the cracks...
  3. footballfan993

    Doing Real Estate photography

    So I'm currently looking at houses, because I want to buy one, even though I can't afford it, but I still like looking at them. I regularly look at the site Zillow, I've noticed that a lot of the houses in my area don't have the best of pictures. If you'd like to look click here: 54481 Real...
  4. I

    My first B&W photo

    Quiet Christmas morning.