1. Delhi Beggar Girl

    Delhi Beggar Girl

    Kristian Bertel learned that giving money to child beggars is the least generous thing a tourist can do. Because when we give money directly to child beggars, we actually hurt more than we help. But the imperative to not give money or gifts does not mean we have to turn our backs on them.
  2. Kedarnag138

    Hold onto me

  3. Kedarnag138

    Family of Elephant crossing

    This was an unexpected encounter. We went into the forest in search of a tiger when we heard of a call. We were roaming aimlessly after the guide lost the tracks after about an hour or so, we heard a sound from the trees not very far from our vehicle. When we went close, following the sound we...
  4. Joris H

    Old Delhi Railway Station

    Had to get up at 3am to catch a train that arrived four hours late. Captured this guy when the sun started to rise...
  5. Joris H

    My favorite photography destination

    I've been traveling for almost a year now so what's better to start posting than showing my favorite destination! Boy washing his buffalos in the Ganges. Varanasi, India.
  6. Kedarnag138

    Chembra Peak, Kerala, India

    The tallest peak in Wayanad. The trek to this peak is through lush green tea estates, and dense forest.
  7. jorelcuomo

    Indian Leopard Coming Down Tree

    Indian Leopard - Nagarhole National Park, India ------------------------------------------------------------ This past October I spent 20 days on safari in India. The jungles were lush and very green after the summer monsoons which provided an amazing backdrop for shooting in. This male Leopard...