1. John Torcasio: Portrait

    John Torcasio: Portrait

    John Torcasio looking at his phone
  2. I

    Cyanotype on cloth

    Hi! I have some experience with making regular cyanotypes, but I wanted to try something different. Due to costs of chemicals in my countries, the tests would be quite expensive for me - maybe someone did a similar project and knows if thats possible. I wanted to soak a big (approx. 2x1 meter)...
  3. P

    Smartphone Videography [Samsung S8 Plus] - Jewel @ Changi SINGAPORE

    Hi guys, took a short snippet using [only my Samsung S8 Plus] of the sights and sounds of SINGAPORE Changi Airport @ the tallest Indoor Waterfall in the world.. Also testing out some smartphone videography just for the fun of it, hope u enjoy it! Do LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - If it...
  4. Barb King

    Need advice on home studio equipment

    Hi all, I would love advice from you all on what to buy for a home portrait studio. I do have some money to spend, but what I don't have is a good natural light source or a lot of space. (I'm in a small, dark, one bedroom apartment.) I have a pro camera set up and have had decent success...
  5. S

    canon 700D settings for sports indoor photography

  6. A

    Recommendations for boudoir settings?

    I'm a student, so unfortunately I can barely afford my own groceries, much less a studio. I tend to shoot mostly boudoir/lingerie type portraits indoors using only natural light from a window. My room in university is perfect for these shoots although it's small, but back home is where I get...
  7. A

    Best lens for natural light indoors?

    I have an 18-55 kit lens which is doable, and a 50mm f/1.8 which I absolutely love, but seeing as most of my photography involves nude or lingerie portraits in a small bedroom, the zoom is often way too close for me to have a variety of angles. I love the low aperture for the overall look of the...
  8. TheCheekyPixel

    D5000 indoor dancing photography

    Hi all, so I am sort of a newbie to photography. My discipline is mainly Graphic Design so my photography so far has been just for family/friends/projects. My question is; I have a Nikon D5000 which is about 6 years old. As for lenses I have; -Nikon AF-P Nikkor 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR -Nikon...
  9. TallDude

    Had it dialed in...then what happened?

    I'm shooting indoor club level basketball. I was getting good results, now not so good. Canon T2i with a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 using the AV setting with ISO 1600 to 3200. I'm shooting continuous, AI-servo. The lighting was similar a both shooting events, but different gyms. I'm wandering if it's...