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  1. Samuel.z

    What do you do when you lose your inspiration?

    So i was out tonight to shoot some night photos in the city. After about 3 hours of just cruising around in my car i realized that i passed so many places that i'd love to shoot on a normal day but tonight i thought that everything looked dull. What do you do in these situations? Do you pack...
  2. Samuel.z

    Car Photos

    I would love to see some car and motorcycle photos. i am going out to shoot some cars tonight and i need some inspiration. If you have any night photos i especially would love to see that.
  3. C

    Start of a new adventure

    A little about me - I started getting into photography and being a photographer around 2008. I took classes at the community college, but didn't take anything further than that at the time. Fast forward six years, I finally got a Pentax K30. The one I was using in 2008 was a borrowed one. I lost...