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    Highest numbers of photos taken with a single recharge with an instant camera?

    Hi everybody, I read that with some instant cameras I can shoot even 100 photos with only one recharge. Someone can tell me with which models and recharges I can do it? And if it's not true, which is the highest number I can reach with one recharge? Thank you much!
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    Do glass lenses produce sharper images than plastic lenses?

    Hi there I'm looking to get on of those Lomo'instant Automat cameras. I see they have a new version that comes with glass lenses. My question is, should I go for the slightly more expensive model and buy the one with glass lenses assuming it produces sharper images? Thanks
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    Ultra Large Format in-camera shooting for instant "giant polaroid" pinhole photographs

    Is this possible? What I'm trying to do is create a pinhole camera that is portable and can produce a full-sized photograph, hopefully instantly all out in the field without going to a lab. I've researched ilfachrome, cibachrome, positive-positive photo enlargement paper. Are there any...