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  1. MiahStan

    First Post & Hi Everyone

    Hi there! I've been shooting full time for the past 6 years but have really lacked a good community to be a part of. Really looking forward to all the discussions on the forum. I love lighting and I'm probably most knowledgeable at that, but am ready to pick up some new tricks. Thanks so...
  2. Arx

    Hello PhotoForum!

    Hello!I'm a 16 years old hobby photographer from Estonia.I'm here to get tips and learn more about photography.My mother-language is estonian, so please, don't judge me on my grammar.Of course I don't mind grammar nazi to do his work.(It actually helps :D ) I hope I'll have a great time here...
  3. Tuonenlapsi

    An Aspiring artist emerges from the shadows

    Hai! My name is Eero Turunen, and I come from Central Finland. I've been studying art now for 3 years by my own means and I am currently working as an assistant art teacher in Schildtin lukio where I graduated last year (a "lukio" is comparable to an american high school). I picked up...