1. K

    Photography contract, how to word or should I go with letter of engagement

    Hi, I’m bringing on a jewelry store as my “first” commercial photography contract. They already agreed to a price per item so we are good there. I’m only taking pictures for their website, they won’t be used for advertising that is not organic. I am going to be invoicing them weekly for whatever...
  2. K

    Jewelry photography first attempt

    Today was my first attempt on jewelry photography. I'm using Canon 700d with Sigma 105mm f2.8 OS. I took a couple photos but not impressed so far. My lighting setup is two soft box on the sides and one light on the top. I diffused the light from all sides. Here 2 photos...
  3. R

    jewellery product photography help

    Hi people , I'm fairly new to the photography game have been reseaching over the past 6 months what I can , but my issue is that I'm doing some product jewellery shots for my partners new business (trying to keep costs down), to get that white background as per website pictures and all I seem to...
  4. P

    Lighting for jewelry (light tent & table)

    Im currently looking into putting together a lighting setup that will be specifically used for photographing jewelry. I need to give these images a professional look as it will be used for a website. ive picked up a copy of Light, Science & Magic so that i can learn how to set and arrange the...
  5. MrPants

    Smoke Trail

    One of the first shots I took when I switched to film I feel like I should have gotten more of her jewelry in focus, but I still like the photo. image020 by Herbert Quick, on Flickr