1. NGH

    Is shared online "published"?

    I'm have been looking into registering my images for copyright and I understand that there are a couple of options in regards to whether they are 'Published' or 'Unpublished'. It seems to be a grey area whether sharing online is considered as Published. I'm still looking into this but so far...
  2. NGH

    I'm slightly confused about this...

    In a BBC article Grandmother ordered to delete Facebook photos a court has ruled that under privacy rules a Grandmother must take down and pay a fine for using pictures of her grandchildren (after a falling out with the kids mother). Reason being "posting photographs on social media made them...
  3. davidbeckphoto

    Do I own my profile picture?

    US copyright law says the photographer retains the copyright to the images, but what makes someone "the photographer" of a given photo? I didn't press the shutter button for my profile pic for this forum, one of the models did. But I was directing the shoot. In the photography world, people...
  4. KAmorphous

    Wrong Forum: Disregard.

    Sorry, wrong forum, guys. I thought this was a professional photographer community. I was directed here, but I was looking for Photographer's forum magazine.