1. nerwin

    Autumn is coming...

    I was walking around my lawn getting some fresh air, wasn't really taking pictures but just taking a break from something and I looked down and saw this really red leaf laying there and I picked it up and took this picture with my phone! It made me realize the change is inevitable, it's coming...
  2. Sjbo298

    nature walk

  3. nerwin

    Golden Hour Leaf

    One of the things I hate about winter is that fact that the light is just so flat and boring. It's been fairly warm lately here and so all the snow has melted, but there is a nor'easter that is suppose to happen next week but anyways back to picture. I took this picture after a quick rain...
  4. nerwin

    Frosty & Frosty Leaf

    I really liked the lighting this morning when I woke up and quickly threw my jacket and hat on and ran outside even though it 5 degrees. I happened to look down and saw this leaf that kind of sitting there alone with the sunrise reflecting off from it. I had to lay down on top of the frosty...
  5. M

    How to take accurate picture of leaf/plant with true color

    I am a total beginner to photography. My job usually involves taking picture of plants/leaves on a black background. We have a Canon EOS 450D with a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm XR Di II LD len. As I tried out several times with the auto mode and close-up mode on the camera, the color of the leaves on...