1. O

    Number of LEDs in a lamp needed for portraiture

    Has LED technology reached the point where it can replace flash? I tried this from Amazon with what they say has 180 beads, which to the eye looked very bright but needed a very long shutter. I'm wondering if 1320 LEDs such as this light would come close to what is needed for portraiture.
  2. K

    Godox VL150 Review

    If you are looking for a good constant Studio LED, check out this light. I reviewed it recently and could prove useful! Cheers.
  3. G

    Canon AE-1 issue?

    Hi, I just bought the Canon AE-1 and noticed that the self-timer light is on, constantly. It's not as bright but more soft. Even if it's on lock mode. Is this normal? If anyone can answer this question, I appreciate it.
  4. K

    Continuous Lighting

    Hi, I am new to studio photography and have recently purchased a Lowel Omni to do some still life shots. However, I am not very pleased with the Omni as the 230V bulbs are really expensive, fragile and and in general, the omni seems to have problem with arcing and should not be moved when lit...
  5. Mr_Chris

    Struggling with LED lamps and DOF...

    Hi all, looking for some help getting better product shots at work please - I am a keen amateur photography and made the mistake of volunteering to help out in my new job getting their catalog and web presence up to speed! I am use a Nikon D5300 with 18-55 kit lens and two 500w GODOX LED Panels...
  6. M

    How come film lights are so pricey?

    I've wanted a film light for my dslr camera for some basic filming and photographing. And it seems to me that film lights are just led lights, which leads me to the question, how come they are so darn expensive? I know they vary widely in price but still I'm not quite sure what you get in the...
  7. NathanHaskell

    Portable, continuous LED lighting on a budget

    I have been looking for portable, continuous lighting to use in an outside shoot (abandoned warehouse) . As I am at the absolute beginning of the learning curve of photography any advice would be appreciated on using the following type of items: AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V...