1. UjaiDidida

    Same DOF with different lenses?

    Is it possible to get the same depth of field with different lens? Let say If I want to get as shallow DOF as a 50mm can do at f1.8, but I only have a 24-105mm f4, so I zoom in to 105mm @ f4, will the DOF be the same like the 50mm @ f1.8? There might be a perspective compression difference but...
  2. alringg

    New to wedding photography need advice

    Hello! I am a budding photographer and am branching out to wedding photography. I have taken senior portraits and have mostly just used my 18-55 mm and 70-200 mm. I have been making do with the 70-200 to get those blurred background portraits. But I want to really give this couple some amazing...
  3. jackcollings

    Enlargers, Lenses and Filters.

    Hi guys, Still very new to TPF and I am currently in the planning and gathering stages of building my darkroom! I have no idea what I am looking for when searching for the heart of the darkroom - the enlarger. What brands should I look out for? Which brands should I avoid? If developing 35mm...
  4. Everyoung

    What lens is used here?

    Author says that she uses Canon 60D body with Canon 50mm f/1.4 and Sigma 24mm f/1.8 lenses. Can it be true? It seems like none of those lenses are wide enough to take such shots. Am I wrong? Check it out here, and here Photo credit: Elizabeth Gadd
  5. jamiebonline

    How important is sharpness?

    Hi guys, One of the top things people look for in a lens when they come to buying one appears to be its sharpness. The phrase 'tack sharp' pops up all over the place. Recently I have started using some older manual focus lenses. I love the bokehs and the feel of them is just so good. I think...