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    Question about licensing? Urgent

    Hey everybody! I have a question about a potential client who would like to license one of my beauty images. I want to pay the makeup artist and the model of the shot, the problem is that the model is now signed to an agency. The shot my client wants to license was taken about three years ago...
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    Agency wants to license photo

    An ad agency wants to license one of my images for one time use for an ad for a hotel chain in upcoming issue of Nat Geo. This is my first time licensing this way and I'm trying to figure out a range. Can anyone provide any insight? Also, I don't know how that is relevant but they mentioned to...
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    Need help with copyright & licensing issue

    Hi all, So I took pictures at a sport event, basically it's the only freebie I do (did), because of my love for the sport (and I do the sport myself). Recently I found out that my photos are being used in promotional materials to promote the upcoming event next month without my permission and...