1. T

    Question about licensing? Urgent

    Hey everybody! I have a question about a potential client who would like to license one of my beauty images. I want to pay the makeup artist and the model of the shot, the problem is that the model is now signed to an agency. The shot my client wants to license was taken about three years ago...
  2. gossamer

    Product photography and licensing

    Hi all, I'm an amateur photographer with a D500 and a few nice lenses. I occasionally do photo shoots for money, but this time I'm working on pictures for a wholesale pet products company that involves a much more professional position than previous times. I need help with figuring out a fair...
  3. Evansmitty

    Questions about being an in-house photographer at an agency

    I work at an ad agency in Florida. I do a lot of video editing and occasionally photography. Photography is my true calling and what I'm best at so my goal is to eventually shift to doing that full time for the agency. The current problem is that the agency doesn't push photography at all and I...
  4. P

    Pricing help - For the use of my fine art photo for limited copyright

    Fellow proffesional photographers can you give me some advice? I was contacted by an art consultation company in Sri Lanka that has a client interested in purchasing my fine art photograph to use in 41 of their rooms in a 5 star luxury hotel there. They want to get a quote from me for a...
  5. J

    Exclusive Licensing Question

    Hello, So I know that once I grant a client exclusive rights to an image, I cannot sell that image to anyone else. However, if said client wishes to allow another party (in this case a contractor that worked on a kitchen remodel), to use one of the images they have already acquired from me, is...
  6. D

    Need help with copyright & licensing issue

    Hi all, So I took pictures at a sport event, basically it's the only freebie I do (did), because of my love for the sport (and I do the sport myself). Recently I found out that my photos are being used in promotional materials to promote the upcoming event next month without my permission and...