light box

  1. U

    Mk Digital Design “The Box”

    I have a light box made by MK Digital Direct called “The Box”. The company is out of business. One of the side fluorescent lights is out. I took out the old one and the only thing I could find on the light bulb is 2d 28 watts. I searched everywhere to see if I could find any specifications on...
  2. F

    Making my own light box

    I do alot of product photography for the reviews I do and so far I have 3 softbox lights I use, I was looking at light boxes at the local store and was impressed by them. However even the biggest ones they had were too small. The biggest thing I do pictures of is full tower computer cases...
  3. nuevomejico

    Lightbox tips?

    Hello all! New person on the forums here so I apologize in advance if this is on the wrong thread. I recently started a business selling safety razors and I am trying to get some nice pictures of them to put online. I built a light box out of tissue paper and poster board and started shooting...