1. Lightning Over Marina.jpg

    Lightning Over Marina.jpg

    A lightning strike near a marina located in Alberta.
  2. N

    How to make such portrait lightning?

    Please look at this video and tell me your opinion: 1. how many lights would you use to achieve similar results? 2. what kind of lights? 3. where would the position of these lights be? 4. from scale 0 to 10, which light would have which intensity? 5. what type of camera? 6. what type of lense...
  3. D7K

    Lightning over Warsaw

    This is the first time I'd actually attempted to capture lightning and I was pleased with the results, the only thing is I wished my balcony and the lightning were over some other part of the city, you can't win them all.. All shot on the D850 with the 24-70 2.8, All 3 have different shutter...
  4. petrochemist

    Perseid lightning

    There are often lovely clear skies in the area I've come to on Holiday so I came prepared to shoot a few star shots. Last night while trying to get the milkyway I saw bright flashes off to the east, but wasn't quite sure what was the cause till I looked at this shot, which also shows one of the...
  5. photoflyer

    Tips for shooting lightning

    With summer upon us, I would like to shoot lightning. I have always found this difficult. How about sharing some tips? Lens. Speed. Aperture. ISO, Filters etc. I will also start with a specific question: "When attempting capturing lightning in daylight/dusk is an ND filter useful?"...
  6. R

    Photo contest

    not sure where i would post this if this is not correct but i was just hoping to get my work out there and if you like it please vote! thanks