lightroom cc

  1. nerwin

    Lightroom partnered with Skynet

    Clickbait? Possibly. Seriously though, Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC was updated this morning and it now uses Adobe Sensei when clicking the auto button when editing your photos. It uses machine learning to give the best adjustments to your images. One thing that I am a little confused...
  2. MBestPhoto

    Considering making switch to Lightroom CC - my first experiences.

    Hey all, wrote an article about my initial experiences switching over from Lightroom Classic to the new cloud-based Lightroom CC. It would be interesting to hear people's experience... <Link Removed>
  3. L

    Using Pano Head vs. Lightroom CC "Boundary Warp"

    For panos I'm using a Nikon D800, RRS Pano Head atop an Arca-Swiss ballhead, and Lightroom/Photoshop CC. Recently Adobe Lightroom CC has added a feature called "boundary warp" that seems to work extremely well in merging stitched photos and correcting the pano border for out-of-level individual...