1. A

    Recommendations for boudoir settings?

    I'm a student, so unfortunately I can barely afford my own groceries, much less a studio. I tend to shoot mostly boudoir/lingerie type portraits indoors using only natural light from a window. My room in university is perfect for these shoots although it's small, but back home is where I get...
  2. Osle

    Maiden of The Forest (+BTS video)

    Hi, Here's couple pitures that we shoot this summer. In video there is few tips for mixing flash to ambient light and theres also technical data of the images. Hope it's useful or fun to someone... At least we have good time to shooting it! YouTube link to BTS-video Best wishes, Ossi Lehtonen
  3. B

    Multiblitz Profilux 2x400w location strobe kit.

    Kit is in great shape. I bought it about it about 6 years ago and used it on average about 3-5 times a year (it was a bit of an impulse buy). Paid 1799.00 for it, taking offers. Or trade towards other photo gear (gopro or nex 5). I also have some paul c receivers and a transmitter to go...