long exposure

  1. D

    Fire Light

    A passing fire truck made an interesting subject. Or at least it's ghost did. This one's not so much about the shot but rather the effect.
  2. U

    Istanbul Sunset

    Last month I took some photos from my friend's office. Used two cameras, Pentax K20D and Canon 500D. Lenses were Sigma 28-70 2.8 and Sigma 10-20 3.5 (Canon). Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Golden Horn by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr
  3. koleks


    Condominiums of Pico de Loro Sony Nex-3N / 30mm / f10 / 20sec / ISO200
  4. koleks

    Standing Still

    At Wawa Dam: Sony NEX-3N / 55mm / f22 / 10s / ISO200
  5. Max Compose

    Small House at Lake Shore

    Hope to get your comment, I take it with long exposure with ND1000 filter.
  6. jbrunet6

    White photos on long exposure

    Hi guys! I'm a 17 year old from a city nearby Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain! So, sorry for my 'bad' English. And this is my first post! I had a Nikon D3300 for my BDay (Actually my Bday was the 15th and I got the camera on the 7th, and I like taking long exposure photos but when I try to take...
  7. Azor Ahai

    Starry Night Panorama

    Hello everybody :) This is my first thread here. I wanted to share wth you the photo I took last night. Tell me what you think :) I have Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm VR II kit lens 20'', 3.5f, 1200-2000 ISO, 18mm
  8. k.udhay

    How to get a blurry romantic landscape background?

    Hello, I saw this pic (attachment) and was amazed by the feel it gave. How can one achieve such a blurry landscape other than the subject. Would it have been done by two layers of one short and the other long exposure? Any way of capturing this in a single shot and process in photoshop to get a...
  9. U

    Maiden's Tower

    Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Maiden's Tower, after sunset. Istanbul, Turkey Pentax K20D my old friend, Sigma 28-70 2.8
  10. U

    Istanbul sunset

    Some photographs I took in Istanbul, after sunset. Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Maiden's Tower by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Bosphorus Bridge by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr
  11. D-B-J

    Something Different | A Moody Landscape

    "Subdued" I went out to Diana's Pool in Chaplin for what seemed like the 20th time, with the intent of trying out my new tripod. I decided to go at it a bit differently, and with the trees still being pretty dead looking, I knew I wanted the final photo to be dark and moody. RSP_1529 by...
  12. Empiric

    Standing tall - Long exposure HDR

    Here is one of those experimental pictures with gamelike overall feel. You can see the play of colours and light captured in decayed urban atmosphere. Standing tall by David Ziaran, on Flickr Hope you'll like it
  13. B

    Long exposure in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, this is the first post of me in this forum There is no greater mystery to me than that of light traveling through darkness. - Alexander Volkov Merging 154 photos for 80 minutes long exposure Long Exposure in Hong Kong Took with Canon EOS 1D Mark III and Samyang 14mm T3.1 ED AS IF...