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    Film Look Editing Video Tutorial

    Here is new video tutorial to give your photo film look
  2. T

    New York Street Photography

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    New Film Look Photo Editing Tutorial

  4. Undercover.Nerd

    Getting that Deep Rich Look?!?!

    Hello All! I've always been super fascinated with that Deep Rich look you can often see in portraits. Like this: goo.gl/SG1vkI Do any of ya'll have a tutorial, know-how, or guidance on such a technique? Here are some other examples: goo.gl/Cx2ujm goo.gl/uupRaC goo.gl/IyCgWH Any help is...
  5. C

    Old Lady

    I was leaving home when I came across this lady at the gate. She was asking for money to buy your eye drops. What draws attention to her are her eyes. Critics and comments are wellcome.