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  1. The outdoors, lovely.jpg

    The outdoors, lovely.jpg

    This old thing
  2. Remember Bowling?

    Remember Bowling?

    Bowling, I remember those days.
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    HELP A NOOB TODAY! Low Budget/ Big Plans

    Hello there Photo Forum community, As my title suggests and my name as well, I am a big big noob... I have a really small budget as I am saving up to move to Iceland and then Cambodia. Long story! As you can imagine, I have to take pictures at these places... I mean they are renowned for...
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    Low budget camera for night sky photography (2017)

    Hello! I'm a beginner in photography. I was really attracted by the night sky pictures. I want to buy a new camera for night sky shooting and I want suggestions for a low budget one as I'm still a beginner! Thank you !