low light help

  1. Jcederroth94

    shooting a Stadium event, help

    so recently I got hired as a photographer for my school. shooting events, speakers, clubs... tonight I am shooting an event in the basketball stadium that consists of speakers, stage acts, and videos. I have no information other than the name of the event location and time so I have no idea...
  2. canonjoshphotos

    Need help with picking new gear ! !

    I'm a concert photographer from NYC and I'm slowly transitioning into video making, Ive been making it work with what I have but now I got some money saved up and I wanna buy a new lens/body. Im torn between getting a sigma 24-70 f/2.8 or a sigma 18-35 f/1.8, I normally get a photo pass so I'm...
  3. R

    crime scene investigator, in need of D7200 help

    I work as a crime scene investigator from just outside Chicago. My dept replaced my old camera (Canon Rebel T3i) with the Nikon D7200. Here's my issue: I work midnights, so low light photography is primarily what I do. I use manual settings for a majority of my photos. With the newly assigned...