1. C

    Please help this begginer :)

    Hello everyone! Happy to be here where I share the same interest with others! I'm a begginer and I need some help - I want to create a studio. Basically, my plan is to get a camera where I can do "tethering", i believe this is what it's called, and take photos of me showing my make up. For now...
  2. M

    Beauty photography

    Hey there! I just have a question for everyone/ anyone who does beauty photography. Before anyone says anything - I totally get that there is a level of skill at the hand of the person photographing it and that years of practice and schooling goes into it but I'm insanely curious as to how to...
  3. trantohao

    Emotive portrait

    I am totally new to the forum. We have a really friendly community here! Just hope to get contributive critics to develop my skills :) I'd definitely check out different opinions carefully. Thank you!
  4. Fiji-Fujii

    Make-Up Stuffs

    Hey, guys and ladies! :) So, there's this opinion I have when it comes to vibrant/"crazy" eye make-up. I just wanted to know what you guys and ladies - probably mostly ladies tho, Idk? - think of that. I used to have oval, frameless glasses, a generally thin and therefore pretty unremarkable...