1. K

    Sony a9

    I just transitioned from Canon to Sony, and I bought myself a Sony a9, however, I do not have any Sony glasses period. What I would like to know is. 1. Can I use an adapter like MC-11 or Meta-bones on a brand new body(just a day old) ? Are there any chances of messing up the sensor or anything...
  2. S

    Sony a7rii Lens Choice with or without Metabones adapter

    Hi guys first post and thanks for having me. OK I a converted Canon 5D Markii guy to my new Sony a7rii which I love as you can imagine I have plenty of Canon glass so the first thing I did was to buy the Metabones adapter for my glass. Now I am looking to buy further lenses and want to know...
  3. J

    Lightroom Lens profile corrections for A7r ii with Metabones adapter + Canon Lenses?

    Hey everyone! How would I go about setting profile correction for my A7rii Photos when using Canon lenses? I'm not concerned about chromatic aberrations really, I mainly just want the distortion to be corrected as I shoot a lot of architectural. According to the metabones website profile...