micro four thirds

  1. NGH

    help finding an adapter for M 4/3

    Not sure anyone can help but I am looking for an adapter to Micro Four Thirds camera. I need a M44 thread mount as per older Miranda lenses to MFT. This is to make an adapter or another lens and will be the final stage so looking for something with minimal depth. I found this but concerned...
  2. NGH

    Rokinon 20mm f/1.8 fro Micro Four Thirds

    Has anyone used and can recommend the Rokinon 20mm f/1.8 for a MFT camera? I am thinking about getting an inexpensive 20mm lens for my Pen-F and this seems like a good option. I have a 7Artizans 25mm which gives me a 50mm equivalent and think I could use something just a little wider, the 20mm...
  3. petrochemist

    My budget ultra macro set-up

    My new ultra macro set-up (with my wife's cyanotype print as a background): ultra macro lens set up by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr A 0.7x to 4.5x microscope objective (£50) used without the supplied 0.5x relay lens/c mount adapter Here Connected to MFT via a T2 mount outer tightly held in place...
  4. A

    Should I change

    Hello, I am a beginner (passionate) photographer and I bought my olympus OMD E-M10 around a year ago. It came with the kit lens M. Zuiko 14-42mm EZ and the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 R. After a year playing with it, I find myself not being very satisfied with my pictures anymore and...
  5. E

    Panasonic Lumix Lens F1.7 42.5mm Ex Tele Conv Test Footage. Noise!

    Hello. I'm not sure because of matrix or algorithms, but there are visible moire patterns when ex tele conv is turned on. Can anybody say how to reduce this noise / moire especially on black areas? Example - look at bg at 0:13 Thank you!