1. MistaOB

    Help Needed for a Neewer Speedlite MK 950II!

    Hello All. i got a Neewer speedlite MK 950II online from Amazon and have used it few times but when i wanted to use it few days ago with the Duracell battery that i used with it b4, it comes on but doesn't trigger the flash even when you press the PILOT test button. even when i fit it into my...
  2. Vin Le Photography

    Canon 5D mkii or mkiii

    Hi All, I've been looking to upgrade to full-frame, but I'm working on a budget here. I'm starting to work professionally as a photographer, but I'm having trouble 1) labeling myself as a professional when I'm shooting with a prosumer Rebel and 2) the AF limitations of the t4i. I can't always...