1. devisaac

    advice on working with models?

    i'm not so much a beginner photographer, but i'm a beginner when it comes to working with people. i'm very awkward, i'm not good at telling people what to do, but i love portrait photography. does anyone have any tips on talking to models and making things less uncomfortable? i appreciate any...
  2. G

    Problems being approved on Model Mayhem

    Have any of you experienced difficulties getting approved on Model Mayhem? They seem to be exceedingly nitpicky and uppity.
  3. vato_loco

    A few questions about TFCD

    Hey everyone. I have a few questions about TFCD, since I'm looking for models and locations and stuff. Please note that while I already have a portfolio and a website, I'm not a widely known photographer, mostly because of my introvert nature. 1 - When you approach someone you want to shoot...