1. gossamer

    Shopping for a monopod for my D500 + 70-200mm

    Hi, I'm interested in the Manfrotto MPMXPROA3US, which is a 3-part monopod for my D500 with a few lenses. Only for photography, no video. Would you recommend a ball head for this, or is it okay without? I have a Manfrotto Q5 magnesium ball head on my tripod and like it a lot. I was thinking of...
  2. B

    Head for sirui p-204s monopod

    Hi, I'm looking for a recommendation for a head for my monopod. It is sirui p-204s. Any recommendation which head would fit best? Thanks!
  3. H

    accessory: floating stick

    Guys, is there like an equivalent to this: a floating monopod for GoPro (TELESIN Floating Bobber Anti-Slip Monopod Stick With Screw and Strap For Water Diving Gopro Sport Camera) for normal cameras? I have an underwater camera, the olympus TG4 but I can´t find this accessory! Can somebody help?