natural light

  1. k.udhay

    Lighting tips needed to get a similar image

    Hi, I am about to do my first wedding reception photoshoot this September. My client has shown me few images and I am preparing a lighting plan to get a similar result. First one is this: And my lighting plan...
  2. redbourn

    Pork Chop and Carrots In Natural Light

    Went to a lot of trouble with this and tried to incorporate as much as possible what people here have helped me with. Didn't add much sauce on the chop because when I did that a few months ago you couldn't see the chop. Ironed the tablecloth and clamped it down; and puts some coins under the...
  3. redbourn

    photos blown out using natural light in doors

    Hi, Shot this yesterday using natural light on a table near a window that has white sheer curtains. Any tips on improving the lighting would be appreciated.. Thanks, Michael
  4. redbourn

    Lots of natural light

    Moved a couple of months ago and this is only the second photo since then, taken today. So easy to get either in or out of a routine. This was shot using natural light and a reflector. Comments on my earlier natural light shots were that they were flat. This one isn't. Comments would be...
  5. P


    My Dad was a locksmith, and he had a really cool collection of antique locks. When he passed, my brothers and I split them up. Mine are in a basket in my living room. I was messing around with my camera one morning and noticed the light was really good and took this. Let me know what you...
  6. daisyish

    1st Post! Need Critique on a Photo's Edits

    Before: After: Hello everyone! My name is Daisy, and this is my first post! I've had a fashion blog ( for about three years now, and I've always edited my own photos. I don't consider myself a professional, but I hope to improve my skills through this forum! That...