1. alex_ethridge

    Newborn Photography Update for beginner

    Hey everyone!! I have been away for quite some time buuuuuuut I have learned SO much in the year and some months doing photography that I had to share. Several of you have seen my desperate out-cries in the past begging for some kind of direction. Looking back the other day, I realized just how...
  2. C

    Lighting help

    Hi, I am getting into newborn work and I got into a little snafu. I typically feather my light (strobe in a 50x50 westcott softbox) so that it's at a 90 degree angle to the baby. However, I just built a little bed prop and the headboard blocks the light feathering down the top half of the baby's...
  3. C

    Need a macro for Nikon on a budget

    Any suggestions for my best option under $500? I'm open to used. I'm looking in the 90mm to 105mm range - newborn work. I'd love the Nikon 105/2.8 but even used its out of my budget. Any experiences with the Tokina 100mm? Tamron 90mm? Thanks in advance.