1. NGH

    I'm slightly confused about this...

    In a BBC article Grandmother ordered to delete Facebook photos a court has ruled that under privacy rules a Grandmother must take down and pay a fine for using pictures of her grandchildren (after a falling out with the kids mother). Reason being "posting photographs on social media made them...
  2. JinxyCatInk

    Outrageous Photography Stories

    Hello! I hope I am in the right thread for this. I'm trying to write a magazine and part of the photography content is a page dedicated to stories about the craziest thing that has happened to photographers. so if it is okay, would anyone tell me your craziest stories over photography? and if I...
  3. KAmorphous

    Wrong Forum: Disregard.

    Sorry, wrong forum, guys. I thought this was a professional photographer community. I was directed here, but I was looking for Photographer's forum magazine.