niagara falls

  1. Destin

    Christmas at Niagara Falls

    As a local, I take Niagara Falls for granted. I've been there dozens of times and often forget that I live 30 minutes from it when trying to plan photography outings. Last night I decided to take a ride up there to see what they had for Christmas lights, and was pleasantly surprised. Feedback...
  2. Ambient Lightscapes

    Niagara Falls Day/Night

    I shot this some time ago on a Canon 6D, before I switched to Sony E-mount. Soundtrack: Mr Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. ontarioguy

    A clip I shot of Niagara Falls flowing backwards (HD)

    I shot this clip with my Nikon, it shows Niagara Falls flowing backwards (obviously reversed). I thought it looks eerie and mesmerizing, what do you think? video: