night photography

  1. S

    Camera that will keep shutter open as long as it takes?

    I'm pretty new to film photography, but I know already that I want to take low-light photos. I also like old rangefinders for their compact size. I know that some cameras, after you manually set the aperture and ISO, will pick the shutter speed for the light available, but only up to a certain...
  2. IMGP8964 copy.jpg

    IMGP8964 copy.jpg

    shop in Lawrenceburg
  3. aurora_print.jpg


    downtown aurora, Indiana
  4. DSCF8056.jpg


    Cummins downtown, Columbus, Indiana
  5. DSCF1468_69_70_71_Deep.jpg


    preserved Gulf station in downtown Aurora
  6. DSCF1455_6_7_8_Interior 4.jpg

    DSCF1455_6_7_8_Interior 4.jpg

    Main street of Aurora, Indiana
  7. final.jpg


    there isn't a functional lighthouse closer than about 7 hours, so the airport beacon will do
  8. cinimodphoto

    Stepping out of my normal bounds

    So I typically do landscape, nature, mountains, and animals. I lately though have been spreading out cause where I currently live I am not a fan of the "landscape" here and was getting burned out. So I started going out at night doing what I called "Nighttime Moments", so here is some of my...
  9. indy.jpg


    Indianapolis skyline from the canal
  10. skyline 2 sony(200).jpg

    skyline 2 sony(200).jpg

    Louisville skyline shot from the Indiana side of the Ohio river.
  11. Kedarnag138

    Helix Bridge - Singapore

  12. ntz

    Night in old town ..

    Hello, I hope you'll forgive a B&W .. for me it's still landscape & cityscape .. went out with my new (used actually, it's from ebay) Fujifilm X100F 42679 by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum 42680 by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum 42678 by ntz...
  13. Kedarnag138

    Marina Bay Sands

  14. Vieri

    Black Church Aurora

    I just came back from Iceland, and I already can't wait to go back! Here's the Northern Lights over Budir's iconic black church, a shot from last March. 23 seconds of exposure with my Hasselblad*X1D and Hasselblad XCD 21mm. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  15. BasilFawlty

    Rokinon 14mm f2.8 - the perfect budget lens for stars?

    When I decided to try my hand at Milkyway photography, of course I knew I needed a relatively fast wide-angle lens for my Canon 6D. After a lot of research, and considering price, I ended up buying a Rokinon 14mm f2.8, used on eBay, for just $239. This lens isn't perfect, but for the money I...
  16. D7K

    Budapest - The Money Shot

    So, Everyone who has ever visited Buda has this shot, I know it's cliche but hit was a dream of mine to shoot it.. I shot it a few times of a couple of nights, but this one was shot with the Multiple Exposure mode of the D850, 10 shots, 25 seconds.. D850 - 32mm - ISO31 -(10x25 sec) Love to...
  17. D7K

    A Rolex Minute

    ..Well, technically not an entire minute, but a blend of 4 exposures of between 6-20seconds. The weather hasn't allowed me to get back to the mountains as yet so I headed downtown to play with some long exposures..
  18. S

    London in November

    Morning all, After visiting London in June for the Foo Fighters concert, I had been gagging to get back up there with the camera. That materialsed a couple weekends ago, visiting some of the City's famous landmarks and museums to get some shots a little out of my comfort zone. Nothing here...
  19. D7K

    The Halls - Long exposure

    With the dark nights and not much travelling it’s been time to explore the city again, mostly at night which gives chance for some nice long exposure photography. This is a shot of The Central Halls or Halite in downtown Sofia, light streaks kindly provided by the rush hour traffic and trams...
  20. J

    Check my thinking on hyperfocus and night photography

    I'm learning to use the PhotoPills app on my phone. I have it set to my D7000 camera, and 35mm lens. It shows my hyperfocus for f11 as being 17'11". Since I don't carry a tape measure with me, is there any reason to not just pace off 20' to set my focus point, assuming that moving the beginning...