night scene

  1. DSCF1468_69_70_71_Deep.jpg


    preserved Gulf station in downtown Aurora
  2. final.jpg


    there isn't a functional lighthouse closer than about 7 hours, so the airport beacon will do
  3. koleks


    Condominiums of Pico de Loro Sony Nex-3N / 30mm / f10 / 20sec / ISO200
  4. DesertFilth

    Film and external flash,night shots?

    What's the proper way for taking night photos with a film camera, I currently have and have been using a pentax k1000 and haven't taken any night photos.Could someone please give me the run down on taking night photos when to use,with and without external flash,I have bought 800 iso film too use...
  5. R

    Night in Vancouver (please give critics)

    I took these photos in Vancouver and posted on a Chinese photography forum. But the manager of that forum pissed me off and deleted my post. I asked the reason and they just replied "those are bad photos". This really frustrated me because I'm still a newbie and learning photography. I regard...
  6. katsrevenge

    A Few Moon Pictures

    I just got my new camera Tuesday. So far, I'm in love. Here are a few moon pictures. I don't have a tripod yet so I have been balancing the camera on my bike. There was a clear moonbow effect but it didn't show in any of the images. Reflection is from a street light. A closer look.