night sky photography

  1. G

    Suggestions for an upgrade?

    I'm new to this forum but thought I would jump right in. Currently, I have a Nikon D7500. I focus primarily on nature photography, including birds and night sky photos. I would like to upgrade to a better Nikon, especially one suited for night sky photography. My dilemma is this: Do I stay in...
  2. Sanjeev Nanda

    What Is The Farthest Object You've Ever Shot With Clarity?

    Primarily looking to see your astronomy pictures, but any long distance photography will do. I had posted a thread earlier, asking for people's photos of Jupiter and Saturn, and was positively amazed by the pictures people posted in response. Me, being an amateur, a variety of lenses to see the...
  3. Normanaus

    Advice in choosing lens for night photography

    Hi, I am beginner to photography and very interested in taking night sky photos. I have Sony A6000 camera and considering purchasing a wide-angle lens. From the reviews I read and my financial abilities, I narrowed it down to three choices of Rokinon lenses. Can someone help me with...
  4. birdbonkers84

    First time photographing the stars

    1. Milky way by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. Milky way by Mark Coull, on Flickr 3. 4881_2-4881 by Mark Coull, on Flickr 4. Milky way madness 2 by Mark Coull, on Flickr Hadn't planned to do this, but noticed all the stars were out where I was staying outside Aviemore. SO popped out at 1015pm...
  5. B

    A Question on Subjects and Focus

    I recently took a trip to Death Valley with two friends of mine. These friends are the couple pictured in the photo. I dragged them along with me on a few night sky photo sessions, and happened to take this photo during one of them. Now, when I took it, I was thinking that it made more sense to...
  6. O

    Low budget camera for night sky photography (2017)

    Hello! I'm a beginner in photography. I was really attracted by the night sky pictures. I want to buy a new camera for night sky shooting and I want suggestions for a low budget one as I'm still a beginner! Thank you !