nikon z 35mm 1.8 s

  1. nerwin

    FS: Nikon Z 35mm F/1.8 S - SOLD

    I decided to sell my 35mm 1.8 S for Z mount. It's a great lens but I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it for as little that I shoot nowadays. The lens is in great shape, works well and purchased brand new from Amazon in October 2022. I hardly used it..maybe took 500 pics with it...
  2. nerwin

    Found a Polaroid Land Automatic 100

    I been trying to collect some interesting cameras for fun, I don't have much intentions on using them unless they use film that's still being produced today. My goal is to find interesting cameras only while thrifting or yard sales/flea markets rather than just finding them online. It's gives me...
  3. nerwin

    It finally snowed, Luke

    I woke up to it being all white outside and my cat, Luke, had to check it out too! Nikon Z6II + Z 35mm 1.8 S
  4. nerwin

    Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S Review

    I've had this lens now since last summer and I'll be honest it was kind of an impulse buy. Nikon frequently runs good sales on the Z lenses and this one was $150 off at the time so I snagged one up. I've always wanted to try this lens because I heard many mixed reviews about this time and I...