nikon z9

  1. jesse101

    White Faced Ibis in flight

    Saw this guy (white faced Ibis) flapping around in panic while shooting some hawks. Unique looking birds here in Utah. All shot with the Nikon Z9 and the Nikon Z800
  2. SnappingShark

    Nikon Z9 - barely used

    Nikon FX Z9 Bought this maybe 4 months ago for Alaskan Wildlife. Maybe 2000 shots on it which is nothing. Battery is untouched as you can see its still "new" - the 28 shots is just what I've taken since last charge. Comes with peak design strap, sensor cap, original battery and charger - along...
  3. nerwin

    Nikon Z8 - Its here!

    For anyone who is interested in the Z8, its real. But I'm not...
  4. WalterRowe

    Nikon Z9 / Affinity Photo Focus Stack

    This decorative little bell is about 3.25 inches tall. Nikon Z9 + Nikkor Z 70-200/2.8 25 Frame Stack, Focus Step Width 1 ISO 200 | f/2.8 | 1/8s | 130mm Capture One 22 RAW-to-TIFF Affinity Photo Focus Merge to TIFF Capture One 22 TIFF-to-JPG