nisi v5 pro

  1. birdbonkers84

    Scottish Castle long exposure

    1. Dunnottar Castle early morning by Mark Coull, on Flickr This morning my alarm went off at 03:30am for heading up to Dunnottar Castle for a sunrise (05:15) attempt with a friend. Unfortunately the weather apps lied as it was raining and the sun would be smothered in a thick wall of cloud. So...
  2. birdbonkers84

    What to buy for my first Filter for Landscapes

    Hey, I recently found a filter for my Tokina 11-20 f/2.8 lens. I got the Nisi V5 Pro (after a lot of research), but now I don't know which filter to buy first? Any recommendations on a first filter type? i.e 2 stop, 4 stop etc, GND, hard or soft. The Nisi V5 pro comes with a cpl so I'm all...