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    Nissin i40 or Sony hvl-f32m flash for Rokinon 12mm manual lens on Sony a6000

    I am looking for an external (speed light I think its called?) flash for my Sony a6000. The reason I am looking for an external one is because I just purchased a Rokinon 12mm manual lens. This lens is nice and compact, however, it sticks out far enough to block light in the bottom left portion...
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    wireless ttl transmitter with ttl function to nissin di 600

    hello, please help me, i buyed a nissin di600 to my nikon d5200 and now i need shot with flash out of the camera. My nissin have wireless ttl slave mode. I sought to a trigger ttl wireless compatible with my flash but i didn't find any with q description off that. Apparently don't exist any...