1. nerwin

    Cozy Luke

    I saw Luke snuggling up with a blanket on a bed and he peeked his head up to look at me as I was photographing him haha. Nikon Z6II + 50/1.8 S
  2. Orange Corvette Interior

    Orange Corvette Interior

  3. LCGLincle

    An orange flower w/ a bee

    Took this photo 2 years ago on a park, and this is probably my most beautiful flower shot last 2015. :lovey::love_heart: What do you think of this one?
  4. redbourn

    Yellow and Orange Issue

    Only tried this recipe for the first time today and need more mayonnaise and finer crushed cornflakes. Anyway I fine tuned my Spyder software/hardware and worked on the image. It looked much too yellow and orange and I reduced them. The original chicken looked more brown than orange or...
  5. sm4him

    TPF Sept 2015 Photo Challenge (Orange): VOTING THREAD

    Unlike the Sept. POTM voting, this one was a runaway--The winning photo was "Orange," by... @mattpayne11! Congratulations Matt! There were a lot of really good entries! Now get out there and get your Oct. challenge done! 4. Orange