photo management

  1. S

    Quest for a good Photo Manager

    ###Introduction Currently using Apple Aperture. Need a replacement. I've been thinking a lot about photo management. I'm starting to avoid the word 'DAM' as it increasingly refers to industrial sized software costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So let's look at what I mean by...
  2. MBestPhoto

    Considering making switch to Lightroom CC - my first experiences.

    Hey all, wrote an article about my initial experiences switching over from Lightroom Classic to the new cloud-based Lightroom CC. It would be interesting to hear people's experience... <Link Removed>
  3. L

    Change from Photo Gallery

    I have been tagging (persons, location, time, subjects) and writing descriptions of all my digital photos for many years now. I have been using Photo Gallery from Microsoft. I just found out, that Photo Gallery is no longer existing as a product being developed, and I am worried about what to...